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Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Student Association organizes and carry the school activities and service projects to the students at OCTCM. In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, the Student Association is the voice of the student body at OCTCM.

Association Members

Chairman:Lei Zheng

WeChat Image_20230208103637.jpg
Lei Zheng has joined the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine to study the TCM course in 2021. Used to work in the IT industry.

Vice-Chairman:Michelle Li

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Michelle has been studying the Traditional Chinese Medicine program at OCTCM since 2022. Michelle was graduated with corporate legal affairs, and she keeps strong interests in Chinese Traditional Medicine since her childhood. Michelle had been in close contact in Canadian healthcare system for the last 10 more years. She speaks English, Mandarin, and Japanese.

Alex Qiang Feng

WeChat Image_20230208103931.jpg
Feng Qiang (Alex) has joined the Ontario College of
Traditional Chinese Medicine since 2022 to study
TCM practitioner program. He has been a lover of
traditional Chinese culture since he was a child,
and hopes to meet more like-minded friends
through TCM

Committee Member (Markham):
Maggie Li

WeChat Image_20230208160347.jpg
Maggie has been studying the Acupuncture program at OCTCM since 2022.  She is very active in the financial and insurance industry. She also helps out with the family healthcare business.

Committee Member (Markham):
Paulyn Sumagui Sunn

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