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OCTCM has continued to be at the forefront of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture education in Canada since 1998. No other school can offer all of what we offer. Read on to see why...

This is why students choose OCTCM...

  • Because we were founded in 1998, that’s over 25 Years of excellence in TCM and Acupuncture education! 

  • Because we are an amazing community of passionate learners 

  • Because we have opportunities to study in China

  • Because we have a TCM Lab with pulse machines 

  • Because we do moxibustion in our teaching clinic in Toronto

  • Because we have high quality raw herbs in our clinics

  • Because we have two campuses at convenient locations

  • Because we have great relationships with the global TCM community

  • Because our teaching faculty are exceptional 

  • Because we have flexible course scheduling and payment options 

  • Because we offer free seminars to educate the public and promote the profession

  • Because we offer advanced certificate training programs in Chinese Manual Medicine, Classical Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong, and Integrative Chinese Medicine

  • Because we have one of the biggest TCM libraries in Canada with both English and Chinese textbooks

  • Because we are right downtown, in the heart of Toronto’s Chinatown surrounded by amazing restaurants and herb stores

  • Because we have an amazing outdoor space with a skyline view for your daily exercise

  • Because we have a wonderful student community and student association

  • Because traditional Chinese medicine is a growing profession 

  • Because massage therapy is hard on the body and you can only treat one patient at a time

  • Because it's never too late to change your career 

  • Because you want a career that lets you choose your own hours 

  • Because you want a career that is fulfilling and successful

  • Because you want to be part of a long tradition

  • Because we have exciting new technologies 

  • Because we have some of the best instructors

  • Because our program prepares you for the board exam

  • Because we accept international students

  • Because you can take your internship at our student clinic - no need to find patients

  • Because we offer cutting edge workshops and CEU courses for the profession

  • Because we have flexible payment plans 

  • Because eligible students may apply for financial aid (OSAP), bursaries, and scholarships

  • Because we offer full time or part time learning 

  • Because we train your for success

  • Because we have a diverse and welcoming faculty and student body

  • Because we have 3 intakes September, January, and May

  • Because we offer hands on clinical experience 540 hours for Diploma of Acupuncture or 840 for the Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Because many of our graduates become leaders in the field 

  • Because were the first acupuncture and TCM school to use electronic medical records in clinic 

  • Because we were the first acupuncture and TCM school to have a fully integrated student portal and learning management system

  • Because we have a hybrid program that offers the best of online and in person learning

  • Because we are founding members of the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Colleges of Canada and the Council of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Schools of Ontario


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416 527 4942 


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