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The following forms are available for download in PDF (Adobe Acrobat). Please read each form carefully for important instructions, processing times and fees. If you have a question about a form, please contact the respective campus that you are currently enrolled in.

Application Forms for Full-Time Program

Application Form for Full-time Diploma programs.

Application to Graduate

The Application to Graduate should be submitted by students who are planing to graduate within the next 4 months. View the application to graduate deadlines.

Change of Program 

Use this form to change your academic program.

Academic Appeal

Use this form to appeal a formal decision of a dean, including decisions relating to final grades, academic conduct or professional suitability, or any other decision made by the faculty of an academic nature.
Note: This form must be submitted to the Academic Dean within 10 business days of the date of the decision.

Transcript Request

Use this form to request an official transcript of your academic record.

Registration for 2024 Trip to China

Complete and submit to Markham Campus along with registration fees

Application Forms for Part-Time, Single Course or Certificate Program

Application Form for Part-time/Single course/ Certificate programs.

Change of Address/Email/Phone Number

This form should be used to inform the College of a change to your mailing address, phone number or email. It is your responsibility to keep your address and other personal information up-to-date to stay reachable of all information.

Consideration for Late Withdrawal 

Students who wish to be considered for late withdrawal from a course or program must complete the Consider for Late Withdrawal form.

Re-Admission Application

Use this form if you have been out of school for two semesters or have been on academic suspension and wish to return.

Withdrawal from the College/Program 

Use this form if your are seeking a complete withdrawal from your program and the college.

Add Course

You can add or drop  a course in the first three weeks of semester. Please use this form to request enrollment in a course if the course has already began.

Authorization to Release Information

Students should use this form to grant permissions to the College to release your personal information (e.g., your marks or registration information) to a third party, such as a parent.

Application for Off-Site Advanced Clinical Internship 

Use this form when you like to apply for an off-site Advanced clinical Internship. Deadline for this application is usually 4 weeks prior to the start day.

Credit Transfer

From Another Institution

Use this form if you wish to transfer credits from another post secondary institution.

Form Special Permission

Use this form if your are seeking a special permission to join the courses.

Drop Course

You can add or drop a course in the first three weeks of semester. No refund will be applied if a courses is dropped after the first three weeks (see Financial Information page for refund policy). This form is also used when a course is full and when a certain course schedule conflicts with the others. Courses that are not dropped through the official procedure will still be graded and you will be responsible for paying any fees associated with the course.

Change of Name

Use this form to notify the College when you have legally changed your name. For change of name requests, please make sure you have the official documentation accompanying this form in order to obtain official verification of the legality of any changes to your name (e.g., marriage certificate, passport, birth certificate, change of name certificate).

Application to Defer/Rewrite Examination

Use this form to defer a final examination. It must be submitted five business days prior to the exam or within five business days after the missed exam(s).

Credit Transfer Waiver

Also complete the waiver along with the Credit Transfer Application Form

Academic Office a Video Request Form

Please fill out and submit to the Academic Office a Video Request Form if you missed class or know you will be missing class(es) and would like the recording(s) for study purposes. If your reason for missing class is deemed invalid your request will not be granted

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